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Since his retirement from racing, we have been dedicated to making sure that Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Smarty Jones is not forgotten.  While his career was short ,it was a truly amazing ride.  We were fortunate to have been a part of Smarty's world. This project started as a labor of love and tribute to our friend, Smarty.  Since then, it has become much more.

We now have our own racehorses and operate under the name Smarty's Gift Stable.  This site now features information and updates on our horses.  Please stop by our Stable and get to know them.

The Photo Album features candid photos, taken by me, of Smarty at play and some at his new home, Three Chimneys.  There are also photos of our horses: Mr. Boxcar, Ironclad Alibi, I'ma Wild One, My Jester Girl and Bright Nickel.


Because of the trememdous interest in horses like SMARTY JONES and BARBARO, we are now able to raise public awareness to the plight of many of our forgotten friends.

Unfortunatately, the sad truth is that the general public is unaware of the horrible fate that awaits thousands of these wonderful thoroughbreds each year.

While the last slaughterhouse in the United States was finally closed in 2007 due to state violations,  our horses are still shipped to Canada and Mexico where they brutally kill our horses and send the meat overseas where it is sold as a delicacy.  While we in America do not eat horse meat, this practice has been allowed to continue.  Your help is urgently needed to end horse slaughter and the transport of American horses to slaughter in Canada and Mexico. The only way to do this is by passing FEDERAL legislation.

Legislation has been introduced in Congress that can end this horror.  Read about the The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act and how you can help.  The links below will tell you how you can make a difference.

Americans Against Horse Slaughter

Society for Animal Protention

Humane Society of United States

National Horse Protection League

Alex Brown Racing Wiki Page


For a warm hearted daily update on our departed equine heroes, please vist Equine Heaven  Guaranteed to make you smile!!!

Hi....My name is Nickname and these are by buddies.  We are the lucky ones that were rescued from slaughter.  But our friends really need your help!!

Please vist the Equine Rescuepage on this site and learn more about how you can help us.  Thanks!!!



Smarty's Gift Stable has started a program called Horses Helping Horses.  The object of this program is to donate a percentage of any win purse to rescue a horse from slaughter.  So Far, Smarty's Gift has rescued six horses by contributing one percent of winnings earned by Mr. Boxcar.

We would encourage other racehorse owners to join us in this endeavor.  It's easy to do....just take one percent (or any percent you are comfortable with) and donate it to the rescue of your choice. If you do not have a specific rescue, please check our Equine Rescue page for some suggestions.
If you notify us, we will be happy to list your name and your horses's name in the Horses Helping Horsessection on this site.

Our horses CAN make a difference for those less fortunate.




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